dimanche 2 octobre 2005

Well, i've been planning an update for a long time, but i'm working hard on my new comic... I'm posting some illustrations related to it in the gallery... The comic is due for December so some samples will be available very soon (ie in a month or so...)
I got a daily deviation on deviantart, giving my site incredible stats for 2 days!
I also keep on making available the complete english version of tangle online... It's pretty old now but i'm happy some people still enjoy reading it, i hope the new comic (on my own, crappy) will be ready in time...

BTW we're still working with sama.van on the other characters, he's done Kiara a while ago, but i didn't show her here... Check out his site to see more, it's worth it!
I've also been travelling in japan for the last 2 weeks (i'm completely qwerty lagged), i will post some photos and maybe some impressions here too! There i bought a new terrific time killing ds music game called "Osu! Tatakae! Ôendan!" So much for keeping me far from my drawing desk...

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